Current Donors


Your support helps us maintain our high standards of producing quality productions and the costs of managing the phenomenal growth we’ve experienced in recent years – all thanks to you, our wonderful patrons. Now is the perfect time to donate. By doing so, you’ll help us enter the 2017-18 season on a high note! Theo Ubique Cabaret Theatre thanks the following individuals and organizations for their generous financial support from January 2016-March 2017 that allows us to present the best in cabaret theatre to Chicago audiences. If your name has been erroneously omitted from the following, please let us know! Contact General Manager Adam Webster at

Executive Producer’s Circle:  $5,000+

Ann and Richard Carr
Jean Klingenstein
MacArthur Fund for the Arts and Culture

Producer’s Circle:  $2,500-4,999

Mary Alice and Peter J. Costello
Jonathan Klein and Susan Cohn
Gerry Smith and Stephane Zalatan

Associate Producer’s Circle:  $1,000-2,499

Cythia Barnard & Leonard Grossman
Martha L. Campbell
Emily and Robert B. Carroll
Barbara Clayton
Jim and Sue DeLapp
James Dickes and James Differding
Lorraine Dostal
Feitler Family Fund
C. Gary & Virginia Gerst
David Heimann
Latkin Family Foundation
Paul and Patty McCarthy
Alice and Gregory Melchor
John A. Shea
Lisa and Randy White

Director’s Circle:  $600-999

Judge Thomas Chiola
Carol Eastin
Susan Klingenstein
Helen L. Morrison
Robert and Barbara Richards

Patron’s Circle:  $250-599

Richard and Andrea Amend
Mary Bao
Alan F. and Carol Ross Barney
Phyllis and Leonard Berlin
Carol Black
Alice & Peter J. Costello
Jeffrey Colman and Nancy Loeb
Elinor and Conway Dahmer
John Green
Ann Holmes
Hillis Howie and Margaret Shaklee
Martha Hudak
Vincent Hurd Fund
Dolcye and Rod Johnson
Susan Lannin
Fran and Chuck Licht
Susan and Alan Melsky
Harvey Nathan and Lisa Kohn
Barbara Provus and Fred Wackerle
Dale and John Roberts
Pat Shaw
Nancy & Bruce Woodruff

Sponsor’s Circle:  $100-249

Rita Allison
Arleen Alter
Erik Archambeault
Susan Ball
Maria and Steven Ballantyne
Carol Bass
Daniel Bender
Carol Berger
Carol Black
Michael and Amy Brown
Robert Breving
Jessie Bylander
Karen A. Callaway
Suzann Campbell
Sharon and Richard Carlson
Lawrence Choate
Jean and Mark Dabrowski
Anne & Ronald Decker
Audrey Dickes
Elaine Disch
Douglas Dixon
Alice Eagly
Richard Eisenhart and Valerie Stodden
Jay and Elissa Fisher Gift Fund
Diane and Michael Faruta
Jill Gardner
Dan & Judy Giovannetti
Martha Goldstein
Lawrence Gordon
Juris Graudins
M Hahn & Francis M. Wade
Monica Heenan
James Hogan
Brad Hopkins
Nancy S. Johnson & William J. Gordon
William and Deborah Johnston
Gary Kahn
James Karela
Erin and Robert Kato
Jeanne LaDuke
Jack Leese
Kate McQueeny and Jack Franaszek
Dan and Michele Miller
Linda Ann Miller
Janet and Robert Oplawski
Brian C. Owen
Gary and Dorothy Peck
David and Carole Perlman
Jerry Proffit
Peter and Margrit Reinhard
Emily Rosenberg
Julius M. Rothschild
Craig Samuelson
Margaret Shaklee and Hillis L. Howie, Jr.
Sophia Sieczkowski
Suzanne Smart
Jerry and Roxann Specht
Dariel Stack
Ruth and Terry Stevig
Richard Straub
Carol Stukey
Bob Tannenbaum
Anne and Gregory Taubneck
Betsy Vandercook
Robert J. Weiler
Carole and Phil Whittemore
Keven Wilder
Susan Wishnick
Nancy Woodruff
Tina Yarovsky
Susan K. Young

Donor:  Under $100

Julie Badel
Ann Bergart
Karen Callaway
Norine Chiu
Majel Cuza
Major George F. Demspey, USAF (Ret).
Carol Drowne
Susan and Martin Fine, M.D.
Mary and Richard Freeman
Stanley Gerson
Judy Gray
Robin Heiss
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hollander
Lita Hoover
James Huttenhower
Raye Janousek
Felicia Kasa
S. Kosak
Patricia and Richard Medema
Maggie O’Keefe
Patricia and John O’Neal
Marcus Petrella
Donna and Thomas Ray
Mary and Allan Reisberg
Mitch Rogers
Anthony Scheurich
Michael Skirka
Gary Snyderman
Barry Stern
R. Todd Vieregg
The Saints