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Don’t miss another sold out show, and get unique subscriber benefits, all season long! Now is your chance to lock in an amazing season at 10% off regular ticket prices (dinner subscribers receive 20% off dinners when ordered as a package)!

Theo Ubique returns to its roots with an original Kurt Weill Cabaret, visits the music of songbird Patsy Cline, tackles Andrew Lloyd Webber’s and Tim Rice’s “Jesus Christ Superstar” and presents the latest in its original Songbook Series with the music of Marvin Hamlisch. Guarantee your tickets now!

Subscribers also get: Guaranteed tickets to sold-out shows, priority seating for your entire party (subject to availability), one free ticket exchange per show, and a $5 discount for guests attending the same night as you!

Season Ticket Sales have ended… 2015-16 Season on Sale this Summer!”